More About Me


When I became a real estate agent 38 years ago, it seemed to me that competing with thousands of Realtors on the Eastside of Lake Washington, with a limited amount of customers, was not the way to make a prosperous living. In the first four years of selling, I found myself leaning toward selling undeveloped land because customers were trying unsuccessfully to find a knowledgeable Realtor selling land, and it was more fun walking property than opening and closing doors with my multiple key.


Selling undeveloped land is much different than selling commercial or residential real estate. Land is a very tangible item. “What you see is what you get.” The salesmanship helps people picture the finished product (house, landscaping, etc.). Also, because there are so many restrictions and regulations placed on vacant land, agent knowledge becomes a very important factor in creating consumer confidence and limiting the seller’s liability.

Under All is the Land, You Should Own Some!

By specializing in land, I have learned the “dos and don’ts” when selling undeveloped land:

  • 1. Make the land easy to find for customers and other agents.

  • 2. Know the inventory of land available in the area.

  • 3. Know the land you are selling as well as or better than
    the owner.

  • 4. Know what “like properties” have sold for in the area.

  • 5. Identify local Government and Community rules and regulations
    related to a properties development, along with costs associated
    with finishing the project.

Windermere Real Estate gives me the flexibility to specialize in vacant land sales, targeting both the builder and final user markets. Combining Windermere Real Estate’s market presence with my land knowledge offers customers a distinct advantage when buying or selling vacant land.